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The Amazing Benefits of An Inversion Table

Unless you’re an absolute health maniac, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of inversion therapy. The simplest way to describe it is the act of putting your body in a position where your head is in a lower position that your heart. Most inversion therapy positions involve putting your feet above your head, but others can place both your head and feet on the ground, with your heart above the head.

Sounds funny, right? But studies show plenty of significant benefits of doing inversion therapy. The upside-down position effectively removes the pressure of gravity on some parts of the body and as such, it can be useful alleviating stress on the back and on joints which bear heavy loads every day. And with inversion tables, it’s extremely easy for anyone to take part in inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is very important to the body. It is also very beneficial and is recommended to ensure a healthy living.

Inversion Tables – What Are They?

If you haven’t seen these in any infomercials yet, inversion tables are simply machines which allow an individual to more easily get into the inverted position. Manually getting into an upside-down position can be difficult for some and can cause unintended injuries if not done properly. Inversion tables make the process much smoother and lower the risk of injury.

If you haven’t tried out inversion therapy, inversion tables are the best way to get started. Here are just some of the amazing benefits you can receive from regularly using one.

Back Pain Relief

Of all of our joints in the body, none experiences pressure from gravity as often as your back and spine. Think about it. The whole purpose of your spine is to keep your entire body upright, against the force of gravity. And it does this for the vast majority of the day especially when you’re not lying or sitting down. This typically causes the spine to become compressed which can lead to back pain. Putting yourself in an inverted position and reversing the flow of gravity can relieve the pressure on the spine in the same way as stretching it.

Height Maintenance

We’ve all heard the saying that we’re tallest from the moment we wake up and we shrink throughout the day. This is primarily due to spinal compression due to pressure by gravity. Makes sense right? The average person will grow shorter by about 0.5 to 1 inch throughout the day because of this. By reversing the flow and stretching your spine a couple of times each day, you can prevent the gravity from compressing it and maintain your maximum height through the day.

Boosted Blood Circulation

When you’re in an upside-down position, commons sense dictates that the blood flow to your brain will be improved. Using an inversion table allows your body to more efficiently send important nutrients and oxygen to your brain, improving brain performance, thinking ability and observation skills. Inversion therapy is therefore very beneficial to the brain. Try putting yourself in an upside-down position, shutting your eyes and just think. You’ll be surprised by how much more clear you’re able to think in an inverted position.


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