Nioxin shampoo for hair loss

Nioxin shampoo is well known and renowned company that has been working on hair products since 1987 and whose founder is Eva Graham. It was later on purchased by a huge Company named Proctor and Gamble in the year 2008. Their brands and products give you with a salon quality result. Nioxin Shampoo for hair loss, a great product which is an anti hair-fall and scalp treatment shampoo, which not only claims but it actually delivers the result to the consumer. It comes with a reasonable price of 20$, which is its basic standalone price. If you are willing to buy the kit which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp treatment formula, then it will cost you about 38$.

Nioxin Shampoo: Their anti-hairfall treatment works in a 3 step process. The first step is to shampoo the hair thoroughly and apply the foam for few minutes. The second step is to apply conditioner and finally applying their special scalp treatment. The final step assures that your hairs are dandruff free as well as make sure that it reduces the thinning in hair and seborrheic dermatitis. With a consistent usage, you will find astonishing results such as thicker and full hair. A common misconception in this product is that people assume it is a hair regrowth product while the company and the brand claim that it is a scalp treatment product. So when buying this shampoo kit bear in mind that it does not promise the growth but instead claims to be scalp cleansing shampoo. This shampoo is Easy to use, works for both men and women, uses natural and safe process.

Working Process and Results: Nioxin shampoo for hair loss will effectively remove dirt and debris that can clog follicles. They also state it removes excess sebum which contains scalp DHT. It has been found that removing excess sebum can slower the loss and pattern baldness. Scalp Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for culprits causing genetic hair loss. This creates a Healthy scalp environment and can improve quality and growth process.
Nioxin claims that the effects of this shampoo start taking place after 30 days of usage while some reviewers found that the best results are shown after 3 months.

Side Effects: There have been very few incidents where the customers have faced side effects symptoms such as itching, flaking, redness and swelling in the scalp, loss .The redness is typically caused due to the chemical niacin which is present in the scalp treatment formula. Sometimes it can even block hemorrhoids.

Final Conclusion: Keeping all the aspects and the features in mind the Nioxin shampoo for hair loss is amongst the best hair treatment products and due to its reputation for a prolonged period of time it has earned a great respect. People using this product have given complimentary comments and review towards it. Another distinct feature regarding the brand is that they do not promise too much, for a hoax attraction but rather display the effective results. The product is very safe and will enhance the hair width quality and density without a doubt.

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