How to get rid of pimples overnight

Pimples. Everyone gets them and nobody likes them. We want the gone and we want them gone fast, but how do we get rid of them? Simple, just use one of the following overnight methods!

Ice and Toothpaste
Ice is good for reducing redness and swelling and toothpaste can be used to dry out pimples. Together, these two methods combine into one acne-butt-kicking solution. You’ll want to start with a washed face. Use an icepack or ice cubes wrapped in a shirt to ice the affected area. Hold for 5-10 minutes depending on the swelling. Afterwards, apply a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Do not rub or use excessively as too much can burn or cause peeling. You will want to make sure that the toothpaste is a solid white color and not made of gel. Leave on overnight.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is a natural disinfectant that can be used as a simple solution for fighting acne. As always, start with a clean face. Then, use a cotton ball to apply witch hazel to affected areas. Leave on overnight.

Witch Hazel Oil
Although not as popular or well-known as the toothpaste method, is an excellent and simple solution for acne due to its natural bacteria-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. As always, start with a clean skin for best results. Then, simply use a cotton ball to apply witch hazel onto the affected areas and leave on overnight.

Lemon and Honey
Lemon is a natural bacteria-fighting agent and can help dry out acne. Combined with honey’s similar antibacterial properties and rich antioxidants, lemon and honey can significantly improve acne. You’ll want to mix a about a tablespoon or two (depending on the amount you need) of honey with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix in a cup of hot water and stir. Carefully use a cloth or cotton ball to apply the resulting solution to the affected area. Leave on overnight. Apply with a clean face for best results.

Papaya and Honey Face Mask
Face masks are excellent all-around because they are made of natural antioxidant-rich fruits that help clear the skin. They are well-known for leaving a glowing appearance and a pleasantly fresh feeling. A popular combination for its bacteria-fighting and antioxidant-rich properties is papaya and honey. You’ll want to peel and slice the papaya in half. Next, slice and mash half one of the halves. Add two tablespoons honey, and stir. Apply a thick layer onto a clean face and leave on overnight.

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